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Contact: Bill MacDonald


New firm provides support for stressed out manufacturers…and wannabes.


JLS Consulting of Midland, MI  has been formed to provide hands on project work and consulting to Michigan area manufacturers who have “made the cut” caused by recent economic upheaval.  The target audience is small to medium size manufacturing companies and those companies that need to develop or contract manufacturing expertise for product development.


If this description sounds like your company, congratulations, you’re still here.  So what do we mean by ”stressed out” and why would anyone want to be that?  Because it means you have already eliminated much of the excess capacity and waste in your staff and production manpower.  It means you have, or are, configuring your administrative and production processes to optimize use of internal resources and reduce cost.  In industry this is called Lean Manufacturing and those that practice it are well positioned to thrive when the recession ends.


But what about the “stressed out” part and who wants that?  It simply means that in the past, you had management and production manpower to handle the special tasks such as problem solving, process improvement, technician training, and documentation.  Nowadays, there is no person or department just hanging around in case you need them for a non-routine task.  If you are trying to launch a product, it means there is less in-house staff to research and design or find outside suppliers.  Stress caused by Lean Practices can be a good thing as long as you have a way to address those important, occasional resource needs.


JLS consulting can fill the gap between extreme makeover contracts proposed by some larger firms and your own internal resources.  The activities we conduct are known in industry as Continuous Improvement, Design for Manufacture and Sustaining.  A detailed description of what we do is available on the web site  that’s Manufacturing Made Easy.

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